NJBIZ, the premier weekly newspaper covering the business community in New Jersey, published its inaugural intellectual property supplement fall 2012. Gibbons P.C. was a go-to firm for expert commentary in the issue, with Intellectual Property Department Director Ralph A. Dengler highlighted in two articles.

Intellectual property is a natural focus for NJBIZ, given New Jersey’s prominence in the pharmaceutical, technology, telecommunications, and other key industries. The economic recovery, slow though it has been, has spurred businesses to once again invest in research and development, invent new products, file for more patents, and license their products. In addition, competition from new overseas markets is impacting the state’s businesses.

NJBIZ sought out Mr. Dengler for background information because of his extensive experience litigating patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, and unfair competition matters. Mr. Dengler has litigated across diverse technologies and arts involving business methods, chemical compounds, computers, electronics, food containers and packaging, magazines, marine dredging, and pharmaceuticals. He writes regularly on the areas of IP law and licensing related matters.

The first article featuring Mr. Dengler, “Patent reform’s effect on litigation unclear,” discussed whether or not new policies will help minimize invention-related lawsuits, detailing the new patent reform law and its ability to streamline the patent process. According to Mr. Dengler, “the law’s effect on litigation won’t be known for some time because the first-to-file system won’t take effect until March 16, and it will take years for the first patent applications to work their way through the new regime.”

In “Small firms wary of first-to-file provision,” NJBIZ details how patent reform could have a large impact on small, innovative companies. Mr. Dengler explains why larger established businesses, as well as international concerns, will likely benefit from the changes.